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AbleTarget Limited provides all kinds of sputtering targets,high purity and density targets,rotatable Targets,alloy targets,pure metal targets and other sputtering coating materials,thin film materials,PVD and CVD coatings and products,now becoming a perfect sputtering targets supplier around the world

Able Target concentrate in sputtering targets and Evaporation Materials for more than 20 years with good quality and very competitive price.We have a very wide range of sputtering targets line,such as pure metal targets,Oxides targets,Alloy targets,Borides targets,Carbides targets,Nitrides TargetsSilicides Targets,Flourides Targets,Selenides Targets,Sulfides Targets,Tellurides Targets,Substrates,Wafers,etc

 The sputtering targets products has been exported to more than 40 countries and regions including  United States,Canada, Germany, Brazil, Australia,Netherlands,Japan, Korea, France,UK,Spain,Italy, India, Russia, Ukraine and so on.

Able Target Limited can give you various choice on vacuum coating,PVD,CVD materials



Pure Metal sputtering targets:


Boron ,magnesium,scandium ,titanium ,vanadium ,chromium ,manganese ,cobalt ,nickel target,gallium ,Ge target,selenium ,yttrium ,zirconium ,niobium target,molybdenum target,ruthenium ,rhodium ,palladium target,Silver ,Cadmium ,indium ,tin target,antimony target,tellurium ,hafnium ,tantalum ,tungsten ,rhenium ,iridium ,platinum ,gold ,lead , bismuth ,cerium target,Pr target,wolfram carbide,terbium ,holmium ,erbium ,thulium target and so on.


Alloy Sputtering Targets:


Ceramic Sputtering Targets:


Al2O3 (aluminum oxide), Al2O3/ZnO (AZO) aluminum zinc oxide,




SmBCO,TiO2,Ta2O5,Y2O3,YF3,YbF3,YBCO,ZnO,ZrO2,ZnS,ZnSe,B4C,MoC2,SiC,WC,Europium oxide(Eu2O3),Gadolinium oxideGd2O3),Terbium oxide(Tb4O7),Dysprosium oxide(Dy2O3),Holmium oxide Ho2O3),Erbium oxide(Er2O3),Thulium oxide(Tm2O3),Ytterbium oxide(Yb2O3),Lutetium oxide(Lu2O3),Scandium oxide(Sc2O3),Yttrium oxide(Y2O3)


Rare Earth metal:





Ytterbium(Yb),Lutetium(Lu),Scandium(Sc),Yttrium(Y),Scandium- Aluminum alloy (Sc-Al alloy),Terbium-Dysprosium Alloy (Tb-Dy alloy),Yttrium-Aluminum alloy (Y-Al alloy), Copper-Cerium alloy(Cu-Ce alloy),Neodymium-Aluminum alloy(Nd-Al alloy),

Dysprosium-Iron alloy(Dy-Fe alloy),Holmium-Copper alloy (Ho-Cu alloy),Terbium-Dysprosium-Iron alloy(Tb-Dy-Fe alloy)


Rare Earth Nitride:


Lanthanum nitride (LaN),Cerium nitride (CeN),Praseodymium nitride (PrN),Neodymium nitride(NdN),Samarium nitride (SmN),Europium nitride(EuN),Gadolinium nitride (GdN),Terbium nitrid,(TbN),Dysprosium nitride (DyN),Holmium nitride (HoN),Erbium nitride (ErN),Thulium nitride(TmN),Ytterbium nitride (YbN),Lutetium nitride (LuN),Yttrium nitride (YN),Scandium nitride(ScN).


Evaporation materials:


La2O3, CeO2, Pr6O11, Nd2O3, Sm2O3, Eu2O3, Gd2O3, Tb4O7, Dy2O3, Ho2O3, Er2O3, Tm2O3, Yb2O3,Lu2O3, Sc2O3, Y2O3, SiC, Si3N4, AlN, Al2O3, Al(OH)3,TiN,TiO2,TiC,

Aluminum pellet, Silver pellet, Chrome Plated Tungsten Rods, Chrome pellet,Cooper pellet,Hafnium pellet, Molybdenum pellet, Ni Cr pellet,nickel pellet,tungsten pellet,tantalum

pellet, tantalum boat, Irinium pellet, Zr pellet,Platinum crucibles, Pt alloy (with Au, Rh,etc) crucibles, W crucibles, Mo crucibles, Ag crucibles, Tantalum (Ta) crucibles, Niobium (Nb) crucibles, Iridium (Ir) crucibles e.t.c (other shape: rods, shots, wire)


Precious Alloys:


Gold Antimony, Au/Sb,Gold Arsenic, Au/As,Gold Boron, Au/B,Gold Copper, Au/Cu,Gold Germanium,Au/Ge,Gold Nickel, Au/Ni,Gold Nickel Indium, Au/Ni/In,Gold Palladium, Au/Pd,Gold Phosphorus,Au/P,Gold Silicon, Au/Si,Gold Silver Platinum, Au/Ag/Pt,Gold Tantalum, Au/Ta,Gold Tin, Au/Sn,Gold Zinc, Au/Zn,Palladium Lithium, Pd/Li,Palladium Manganese, Pd/Mn,Palladium Nickel,Pd/Ni,Platinum Palladium,Pt/Pd,Palladium Rhenium, Pd/Re,Platinum Rhodium, Pt/Rh,Silver Arsenic, Ag/As,Silver Copper, Ag/Cu,Silver Gallium, Ag/Ga,Silver Gold, Ag/Au,Silver Palladium, Ag/Pd,Silver,Titanium, Ag/Ti




Chromium Boride, CrB(2)Lanthanum Boride, LaB(6)Molybdenum Boride, Mo(2)B(5)Niobium Boride,NbB(2),Tantalum Boride, TaB(2)Titanium Boride, TiB(2)Tungsten Boride, W(2)B,

Vanadium Boride,VB(2),Zirconium Boride, ZrB(2)




Boron Carbide, B(4)C,Chromium Carbide, Cr(3)C(2),Molybdenum Carbide, Mo(2)C,Niobium Carbide,NbC,Silicon Carbide, SiC,Tantalum Carbide, TaC,Titanium Carbide, TiC,Tungsten Carbide,WC,Vanadium Carbide, VC,Zirconium Carbide, ZrC


Fluorides targets:


Aluminum Fluoride, AlF(3),Barium Fluoride, BaF(2),Calcium Fluoride, CaF(2),Cerium Fluoride,CeF(2),Cryolite, Na(3)AIF(6),Lithium Fluoride, LiF,Magnesium Fluoride,

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